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About The London Lupus Centre

In November 2005 a new centre, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of lupus patients, opened at the London Bridge Hospital.

This unit, designed to treat lupus patients from all over the world, is staffed by a group of physicians, all trained in the renowned St Thomas’ Hospital Lupus Unit London, under the leadership of Professor Graham Hughes.

The Centre is designed to provide a comprehensive, “state of the art” diagnostic facility for patients with lupus and related conditions.

The team of eight consultant physicians are all trained and experienced in the care of lupus patients. The medical team are supported by staff also experienced in lupus care, and are backed up by the medical facilities of The London Bridge Hospital.

The purpose-built suite of clinic rooms and the reception area are situated in the newly refurbished St Olaf’s building at London Bridge Hospital overlooking the river Thames and the City.

For new patients seeking more precise diagnosis and guidance, we provide a comprehensive clinical service with a complete protocol of investigations and treatment advice. For those requiring a short admission to hospital, our team is available for full in-patient cover.

We believe that, for lupus patients, there is a pressing need for a specialised clinic such as The London Lupus Centre, where patients can be given expert medical assessment, with regular follow-up and monitoring of this complex disease.

This dedicated unit is headed by Professor Graham Hughes who, as the leading lupus consultant in the UK, founded the St Thomas’ Lupus Trust and the Hughes Syndrome Foundation.

The London Lupus Centre has been established specifically to accommodate lupus patients in a friendly, reassuring environment where they receive expert advice and treatment from Professor Hughes and his team.

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