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February 2017

16 February 2017

Early in January, I spent 5 days giving lectures in San Diego. Expecting California sun, Monica, my wife, came with me. Five days of rain! Only the Queen gets worse weather! However, thanks to our wonderful hostess, Anna Eslami, the visit was, for us, a happy success.

November 2016

30 November 2016

Good and bad! November saw the publication of the 2nd edition of my book “Hughes Syndrome. A patient’s Guide”. Wonderful stories of two of my patients – one from the Scottish Isles, and one from Romania.

September 2016

30 September 2016

What a summer! At least for those of us here in Kent – almost no rain for the whole of August and September! September and October are traditional months for conferences – at least in the world of medicine. For me, that meant two meetings, one in Ireland and one in Northern Cyprus. The meeting in Ireland (Cork) was a workshop run by a group of Irish GPs, who are building up a library of short videos aimed at GPs (currently all in Ireland), and covering all aspects of Medicine. My job was to make 11 short videos on the major rheumatic and autoimmune conditions, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s and Hughes Syndrome.

August 2016

31 August 2016

What a beautiful August! And what a difference a month makes!

July 2016

31 July 2016

A month of highs and lows. After the awful, grey June, at least the weather brightened up.

Monthly blog June

30 June 2016

June has been a mixed month; some sunny days – lots of cold days, inches of rain. It looks as if Paris got even more than we did.

May 2016

05 May 2016

I receive daily emails regarding Hughes syndrome. This week, one example from Kazakhstan

April 2016

07 April 2016

So soon after the March blog, here comes another. Like London buses – nothing for a while then two together. Hopefully I am making up for lost time following my illness.

March 2016

31 March 2016

Easter weekend. A warm, sunny Good Friday after three months of grey skies. Time to return to my ‘blog’ and for me a long awaited return after illness.

August and September 2015

29 September 2015

Last week we had a small party at London Bridge Hospital to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the London Lupus Centre at this hospital. The party, hosted by John Reay, CEO at London Bridge Hospital, included the 9 doctors of the lupus team, the secretarial and nursing staff, and a number of medical colleagues from other specialties.

July 2015

19 July 2015

This month I received an honour of which I am so proud. My colleague in Portugal (Dr Jorge Martins) has opened a new clinic for lupus and related diseases, and has named it ‘The Graham Hughes Clinic for Autoimmune Diseases’.

May 2015

04 May 2015

May was best forgotten as far as the weather was concerned – rain, cold and windy – once again one felt sorry for the tourists huddled on the open tour buses and the river cruise boats.

April 2015

06 April 2015

March saw a marvellous new initiative here in London. Baroness Estelle Morris, the Chair of our charity, and Baroness Drake succeeded in raising the issue of Hughes syndrome (antiphospholipid syndrome/APS) in the House of Lords. By doing this, they have succeeded in ramping up the awareness of the importance of the illness and its treatment across a broad spectrum of politics, of media publicity and, hopefully, of more concerted action.

January 2015

11 January 2015

We are in the thick of preparations for this year’s annual ‘Ten Topics in Rheumatology’ meeting, to be held on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July. This popular meeting, now in its 29th year, is a postgraduate meeting aimed at updating physicians (both training and consultant) in modern advances - with a special emphasis on the so-called ‘connective tissue’ diseases – lupus, Sjögrens, Hughes syndrome, scleroderma and vasculitis

December 2014

14 December 2014

The past year has been busy for all of us in the London Lupus Centre. We are now seeing 400 cases a month – patients not only from all corners of the UK, but from a dozen different countries.

November 2014

03 November 2014

November is true to itself – rain and dark skies. Fireworks lasting for weeks – Lucy, our Schnauzer, frightened to go out alone.

A number of our London Lupus Centre team travelled to Boston to present papers and posters at the annual American College of Rheumatology meeting.

August 2014

04 August 2014

The medical journal LUPUS, which publishes many of the research papers and conference reports on Hughes syndrome, runs a regular series called ‘Lupus around the World’. More than anything else, this series has highlighted the variation in lupus prevalence from region to region. Figures as high as 80 lupus cases per 100,000 are seen in many countries, notably in the Far East

July 2014

07 July 2014

Some weeks ago we had our summer patients’ meeting. Because of my interest in genetic aspects of Hughes syndrome, I arranged a questionnaire. The results were striking. Nearly 60% of all patients who responded had a close family member (often many family members) with either Hughes syndrome or another auto-immune illness such as multiple sclerosis or lupus.

June 2014

02 June 2014

I have just received a copy of our latest book, Sjögren’s Syndrome in Clinical Practice. Produced with colleagues Dr Shirish Sangle and Dr Simon Bowman, it is published by Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-06058-3).

I hope it will prove helpful both to patients as well as to doctors. One of the aims of the book was to highlight the overlap of Sjögren’s syndrome with thyroid problems, gluten sensitivity and, something largely missing in previous Sjögren’s books, the overlap with Hughes syndrome (headaches, memory loss, TIAs, bone fracture, etc).

May 2014

05 May 2014

On Wednesday, this week, we held the annual Hughes Syndrome Foundation Patients’ Day at St Thomas’ Hospital. With over 100 patients, friends and relatives, it proved a busy and successful day, with a vigorous and very useful question and answer session. Among the topics discussed were Hughes syndrome and the brain, pregnancy, some of the ‘non-thrombotic’ features of the condition (you don’t have to have thrombosis or miscarriage to carry a diagnosis of Hughes syndrome) and the newer anticoagulants (which are slowly becoming trialled in the syndrome).

April 2014

02 April 2014

This year our efforts at improving awareness of Hughes syndrome amongst the public and the medical profession have received a huge boost by the return of Lynn Faulds-Wood. Lynn is a dedicated and expert campaigner, as those of you who have followed her TV programmes such as ‘Watchdog’ will know. Lynn helped us enormously in the setting up of lupus charities and awareness back in the 1980s and has since tirelessly worked for bowel cancer patients.

March 2014

03 March 2014

In the middle of planning this year’s ‘Ten Topics’ meeting. This annual two-day postgraduate meeting focuses in particular on Lupus, Hughes syndrome and related clinical topics.

February 2014

03 February 2014

In this month’s blog I propose to deal (or to start to deal) with ‘treatment’ – still a major issue for all of us – patients and doctors, living with Hughes syndrome.

January 2014

06 January 2014

January was the wettest ever recorded in the UK!

Large areas of southern England have been under water since Christmas day. Rain, rain, rain. We are making final plans for our annual two day medical conference ‘Ten Topics in Rheumatology’, here in London on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th July. This year we have opened up the meeting both to hospital doctors and to GPs. If any of you have a GP who you think might be interested – especially in the ‘Big Three’ - lupus, Hughes syndrome and Sjogrens – please do point them in our direction.

Professor Hughes Monthly Blog

08 December 2013

For us, 2013 ended on a bang – strong winds, heavy rain, widespread flooding. Our small schnauzer, Lucy, has not been keen even to put her toes out of the back door!

My apologies for missing 2 months of BLOGS. I found that in the UK, the BLOGS were published on a website called ‘Health Unlocked’ and not on the Hughes Syndrome Foundation website, which I have been telling folks to look on. In future, you would be able to catch the BLOG on 2 other sites: and