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London Lupus Centre: Lupus Overview

The Lupus Centre is designed to provide a comprehensive, “state of the art” diagnostic facility for patients with lupus and lupus related conditions. We also offer a full rheumatic diseases clinical service.

As one of the largest private hospitals in the UK specialising in Lupus treatment, The London Bridge Hospital offers the finest surroundings and services for inpatient, outpatient and day case lupus treatment. Over 40 specialties are represented on site, including renal dialysis, cardiothoracic and intensive care.

Lupus is a condition in which the immune system becomes too active. It is a condition affecting women more than men (especially younger women between the ages 15 - 50), and is characterised by wide fluctuations. Common symptoms are fatigue, aches and pains, skin rashes (sometimes sun-sensitive). More serious complications include kidney, brain or blood involvement. In approximately one in five of all patients, there is a tendency to spontaneous blood clotting (Hughes syndrome).

Although lupus is a serious, and sometimes fatal, disease, the outcome has improved out of all recognition. With correct diagnosis and treatment, the majority of cases can now expect a normal life span, can have normal pregnancies and can even ultimately come off all medication.

The book “The London Lupus Centre- A Patient’s Guide to Lupus” is available on request for more patient information.

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