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Book publications for Patients and GPs

Modern Topics in Rheumatology

Hughes GRV 1976


ISBN: 0-433-15560-4

Connective Tissue Disease

Hughes GRV 1977

Blackwell Scientific Publications

4 Editions (including Spanish edition)

ISBN: 0-632-00821-0

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Hughes GRV 1982

WB Saunders (In: ‘Clinics in the Rheumatic Diseases’)

ISBN: 0307-742X

Lecture Notes in Rheumatology

Edmonds J & Hughes GRV 1986

Blackwells Scientific Publications

ISBN: (Out of print)

Phospholipid-binding antibodies

Harris EN, Exner T, Hughes GRV 1991

CRC Press

ISBN: 0-8493-5536-2

Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases

Khamashta MA, Font J, Hughes GRV 1993

Doyma SA

Understanding Lupus

Hughes GRV 1996

Julia Schofield Consultants Ltd

ISBN: 1-901298-00-0

Hughes Syndrome : A Patient’s Guide to the Anti-phospholipid Syndrome

Hughes GRV 1997

Adrian Press Ltd, Ilford, Essex

Available from Lupus UK

Lupus. The Facts

Hughes GRV 2000

Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0-19-163145-4

Hughes Syndrome. A patient’s Guide

Hughes GRV 2001


ISBN: 1-85233-457-6

Lupus. Your first 100 questions

Hughes GRV 2001

Published by and available from Lupus UK

Observations on Lupus

Hughes GRV 2006

(Published by: Biorad. Out of print)

Hughes Syndrome : Past, Present and Future

Hughes GRV 2006

(Published by: Biorad. Out of print)

The Brain and Other Animals

Hughes GRV 2008

(Available from the Hughes Syndrome Foundation (

The London Lupus Centre – A patient’s guide to lupus

Hughes GRV 2008

Current Medical Group

ISBN: 978-1-85873-431-6

Understanding Hughes Syndrome

(Case studies for patients)

Hughes GRV 2009


ISBN: 978-84800-375-7

Top 20 in Rheumatology

Hughes GRV 2011

Hayward Medical Communications

ISBN: 978-0-9542022-2-4

Tales of a Flying Doctor

(The story behind Hughes Syndrome. An autobiography)

Hughes GRV 2011

Hayward Medical Communications

ISBN: 978-0-9542022-1-7

Clinician’s Manual on Lupus

Hughes GRV & Sangle S 2012


ISBN: 978-1-908517-48-7

Hughes Syndrome : The antiphospholipid syndrome

A Guide for Students

Hughes GRV & Sangle S 2012


ISBN: 978-0-85729-738-9

Clinical Case Studies

(Excerpts of 3 years of a monthly BLOG on the Hughes Syndrome)

Hughes GRV 2013

Published by INOVA (

Available from the Hughes Syndrome Foundation (

Hughes Syndrome : Highways & Byways

(A detailed clinical explanation of the varied clinical features of this syndrome)

Hughes GRV & Khamashta MA 2013


ISBN: 978-1-4471-5160-9

Sjogren’s Syndrome in Clinical Practice

Hughes GRV, Sangle S, Bowman S 2014


ISBN: 978-3-319-06058-3